Thursday, February 18, 2016

Finally Skiing!

One thing that our whole family has been looking forward to on this trip was that part of the trip that we get to ski. Of course Nadia was most excited about our time at Disney and spending time in the sun and at the beach, but we also love our seasons and the season we all truly love is winter which means ski season. I have to admit, it was tough for me to watch all my friends during November and December enjoying their ski vacations while we were enjoying the sun and beach of Flordia, as I have mentioned before we can't have it all, but now we are finally in our ski season and I have to say I truly enjoy this part of the trip so very much. Although it is definetly a haul getting our gear on and squeezing into tight, uncomfortable boots, despite the uncomfortable wardrobe hassles, I love being in nature, I love being active and I love that we are getting closer to home. 

            Ski Day at Wolf Creek, CO

Our last blog post we shared how we were frozen solid in Taos, but even though we were totally frozen we still had an awesome ski day. After Taos, we headed to lower elevation and spent some time in Santa Fe and enjoyed a super fun ski area for a couple days there and then we made our way to the family cabin in the mountains of New Mexico, in Eagle Nest. Although our first day or two was bit rough at the cabin - specifically thawing out the cabin and managing without power for a few hours, we got into the swing of things. We were able to spread out, hike in the snowy woods, read by the fireplace, bake cookies, cook dinners in an oven and just be a family in a house, which is something we haven't done in a long time. And for the long President's Day Weekend we got to have our great friends Brandon & Sabrina come to visit and stay at the cabin with us. 

Nadia wrote a little blog post about our weekend, here it is: 

We are at the cabin in New Mexico. We have been skiing with our friends Bebe (aka Sabrina) and Bando (aka Brandon). We had so much fun, Siena and I made dinner on Saturday. We went to a really good restaurant (on Sunday) and we made Rainbow Loom bracelets. We skied black diamonds. Siena, Bando and Daddy went on a 2 Black Diamond while Bebe, Me and Mommy went on a Blue. Before that I fell on Kachina Peak and I got a bloody nose, so I went to the lodge with Bando. 

                                       Ski Day at Taos with Bando & SaBebe 

Over the weekend, we skied at Angel Fire the first day and at Taos the next. Our girls even made dinner for the grown ups on Saturday night. Overall, it was a super fun weekend with blue bird ski days and fun dinners with our friends. 

                                     Girls making and serving dinner at the cabin 

After Bando & SaBebe left we started getting ready for our departure, packing up our gear which we had spread out around the cabin and then another full day of closing the cabin for the winter. After leaving the cabin we made our way to Pagosa Springs, a good spot to camp out before heading to the Wolf Creek Ski Area. Unfortunately, the one place we could find to stay for the night was The Last Resort Campground. Although the woman who helped us was super friendly and very helpful, we nearly got stuck in the mud in our parking spot and the girls and I agreed that bath house was a little weird. Needless to say, we only stayed there one night. Now, after skiing a fun day at Wolf Creek we made our way to Durango. We decided to splurge for a hotel since we were being lazy and didn't research a campground near Purgatory, CO. Tomorrow we will ski at Purgatory and then see where the road takes us, likely we will do our homework and find a campground and then next week we will be skiing in Telluride. We are all so happy to be skiing again, although, like Andrew said tonight, it does make us miss home a little bit more. Although we do a lot of skiing and camping at home, the difference is that we always have our home to come back to and spread out after a day of skiing, these days we just have our small little box on the back for our truck to come home to. But we definetly are making the best of it and giving ourselves a little leeway here and there. 

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