Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cancer - We're Done with You!

We haven't written for awhile on this blog and that's largely because our trip has come to an end. We are now settled back at home in our house in Seattle doing all the things we missed (and didn't miss) last year. Back to school, back to work, back to after school activities, play dates, dinner dates, lunch dates and re-connecting with friends we haven't seen. We also came back to one thing we REALLY didn't miss during our trip, Andrew's cancer. Actually, the cancer prior to the trip was Prostate Cancer and the doctors got rid of that before we left, but upon our return we discovered a new cancer, Urethral Cancer.

Since I have been home I started writing for an online magazine called Red Tricycle, this week I wrote about how cancer  has affected my life. November is also known as Movember, in an effort to bring awareness to men's health and diseases like Prostate Cancer, which is why I chose this for my topic this week. I will also continue to post my articles on this blog in hopes to reach a larger audience. Thanks for reading and for the support!

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