Sunday, October 18, 2015

One More Request

I apologize to you all, tonight I am being rather needy. First I ask for your help in providing us with suggestions for where to visit on the East Coast, and here I am again asking for more help. However, if you will bear with me, I think you might find this second request more worthy of your attention.

Just after I finished my last post, Kathy tells me she signed all of us up for a race on November 14th, her birthday. My initial response was, WHAT? Granted I used to be quite the runner, and if Kathy was signing me up for a race, my complaint would be that the distance was too short. However, I really haven't been running much in the past year. In fact, since we left on this trip, I haven't even gone out with the purpose of completing a run just for fun. You might say I lost my running mojo. I like to think I am on a temporary hiatus from running. I like to think I'll get back to running after this trip. For now I tell myself, I'm on a break.

Then I found out the cause that the race was raising money for: prostate cancer research. The race is the ZERO Prostate Cancer 5K Run in Virginia Beach on November 14th.

You see, last fall I ran two marathons and a 50 kilometer race, but those were races I signed up for before I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After the diagnosis, I kind of fell into a funk and wasn't as interested in running. Spending time interviewing doctors and surgeons kind of takes up a fair bit of time and really sucks it out of you. I did run a few more races, but the distances were relatively short. Then after a successful surgery, I spent quite a bit of time recovering. Now I am on this trip and that only happened because the surgery was successful. I was lucky.

On November 14, Kathy, the girls, and I will be running with Kathy's sister (Debbie) and her family. So if you feel so inclined, I would ask you to consider making a donation to a cause that is near and dear to my heart, or um... well you get the idea.

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