Monday, October 5, 2015

Update From Siena...

Dear people reading this blog, 
I want you to know that after a month or so we are still having fun, I will inform you that we did stay in a hotel so far and we have recently left Lake Michigan and we are on our way to Cheboygan, we are trying to make our way to Montreal 

A few things that have been fun INCLUDE:
                   Mount Rushmore 
It was really big and we went on a short walk to see the mountain from different perspectives at one point we were right under George Washington's nose.

                     Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse is a private monument and is probably like ten times the size of Mount Rushmore and it is still in the making and Nadia and I got small rocks from the mountain (Check out my Dad's blog for a photo of Crazy Horse - it was to far away for my phone to get a good shot).

                       Wind Cave
Wind Cave is a national park and part of a huge cave system. We took a tour of it at one point of the tour our tour guide turned out the light completely and no one could see there own hand in front of there face. 

                        Wall Drugs
Wall Drugs was pretty much a giant gift shop with some awesome attractions like a jackolope you could ride and a T-Rex that would eat every fifteen minutes.

So those we some of the highlights. 

                        THE END

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