Saturday, March 5, 2016

Road Side Attractions

This Gorohoff Crew loves a good road side attraction - the weirder the better!  On this trip we have enjoyed Wall Drug in South Dakota and the super truck stop, Buc-ee's outside of Dallas. In years past, we've stopped at the quirky, cool Hole 'n the Rock outside of Moab, UT and the Little A'Le'Inn near Area 51 in New Mexico. So when I started to see the signs (many signs) for Little America as we are driving out of Wyoming on our way to Salt Lake City, I told Andrew we had to stop and check it out. The signs assured us there were fresh donuts, spotless restrooms and a playground! Since we just got on the road and had already made a Starbucks stop, Andrew agreed to stop if I agreed to write about our visit- deal! 

Little America did not come close to being as cool as the above mentioned spots but the restrooms were clean and there were lots of fun tchotchkes to check out and we were able to resupply our snacks for the rest of the trip.

I figure they paid so much for so many billboards, we should at least stop and support Little America (plus, the name made me think of Little Sebastion from Parks & Rec) Also, it's good to know this truck stop is here for the next time we're driving through - if we need a place we could camp & shower for free if necessary. 

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