Thursday, May 26, 2016

10 Things... From the Girls

The girls’ recent writing assignment was to tell us 10 things they will miss (or have  enjoyed) on the trip and 10 things they are looking forward to when returning home. Here are their lists… 

Siena’s -- 10 Things I liked About the Trip: 
1. I liked all the cool mid-evil looking buildings in Quebec City.  
2. I liked staying with The Thompson’s so long it felt like we lived there. 
3. I liked visiting all our family in Disney World and on the Disney Cruise. 
4. I liked visiting the ranch in Texas and playing with Millie, Mars and Quigly.
5. I liked skiing in New Mexico with Bando & SaBebe.
6. I liked seeing Nonni & Nonno in Palm Springs and staying at their house with them. 
7. I liked going over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fracisco.
8. I liked going to Alcatraz and learning about all its history and the people who lived there.
9. I liked staying at the awesome KOA in Petaluma and doing activities every day and meeting friends. 
10. I liked the cool Skunk Train and seeing the Redwoods from the train. 

                                From our tour of Alcatraz, although this may be how 
                                we all felt at a few points on this trip :-) 

Siena’s -- 10 Things I am Excited About For Getting Home (in order of how excited I am about it):
1. Seeing all of my friends and family and telling them about our trip. 
2. Playing with Legos (even though I won't have any new sets right away).
3. Celebrating holidays AT HOME!!
4. NOT driving get with our house on the back of our truck and people looking at us weird. 
5. Sewing clothes for my American Girl Dolls. 
6. Seeing and playing with all the toys we left behind. 
7. NOT waking up to Mommy’s yoga butt in my face every morning. 
8. Having ONE backyard – not like a million. 
9. Decorating my room how ever I want it. 
10. Sleeping in my nice comfortable REAL BED NOT COUCH!! 

Nadia’s 10 Things I Will Miss about the Trip: 
1. I will miss the adventures.
2. I will miss being with my family. 
3. I will miss going to different states.
4. I will miss going on cool hikes.
5. I will miss exploring campgrounds with Siena.
6. I will miss exploring new trees. 
7. I will miss staying at cool campgrounds.
8. I will miss watching cool movies and saying “I've been there”!
9. I will miss playing playmobile in the forest with Siena.
10. I will miss meeting new people.

                          One of our cool hikes at Yosemite 

Nadia’s 10 Things I am Looking forward To when I get home: 
1. I will like sleeping in my own room.
2. I will like seeing family that we missed on the trip.
3. I am excited (of course) to see friends. 
4. I am excited to go to real school.
5. I am excited to play at our park.
6. I will like to see our toys.
7. I will like playing in our backyard.
8. I am excited not to go out to eat so much.
9. I am super excited about having my own room.
10. And definitely not being in the truck. 


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