Sunday, May 1, 2016

Nadia’s Blog – Seeing Family & Friends

A couple weeks ago we went to Las Vegas, it was SOOO cool! But, it was only one day. We drove down the strip in the camper when we got in town, I was like WOW – when I saw the Eiffel Tower! Then we went to our campground and we all took showers and then we headed back down the strip to  have some lunch and meet our friend Amber!!! After lunch we explored Amber’s hotel/mall – Caesars Palace. After we explored the hotel for awhile we went up to a restaurant and had sushi for dinner. It's was fun! Nice to see you Amber! 

Mommy & Amber at Caesars Palace
After we went to Las Vegas we went to Zion National Park and we got to see our friends The Goldsmith’s – yeah!!! We stayed in a nice hotel at the entrance of the park, with joining rooms with our friends. After we unloaded the camper we all went swimming and it was fun! 

Swimming with our friends! 
After swimming, we played football in the grass right outside of our rooms. The next day we went on a hike on the Riverwalk Trail. While we were hiking it started raining, then lightning and thunder and then it started hailing. AHHHHHH!!!!! I headed back early with Beth, William and Ella – while Sydney, Siena, James, Daddy and Mommy hiked to the end of the trail. The next day it was nice (and free to get in the park because it was the 100th Birthday of the National Parks). We hiked two super cool hikes, one to the watchtower (?) and the second to the emerald pools. Both were fun, and way better in the sunshine. It was so fun to see our friends!!! 

All the kids heading into Zion National Park 

Hiking in Zion 
After Zion, we headed to Palm Springs to see Nonni and Nonno!!!!! The first day we went shopping with Nonni, ate In and Out burger and hung out by the pool. The next day we went to Joshua Tree National Park, we didn’t see the actual Joshua Tree – we did see a lot of Joshua Trees but not the biggest one. We also took a tour of Keys Ranch, which is where people had built homes and lots of buildings and lived in the desert for a long time. After Joshua Tree, we went swimming when we got home. We loved Nonni & Nonno’s pool. The next day we went to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. We got to ride a camel and we went to the butterfly house and a butterfly landed on me, but mommy didn’t get a picture :-(, a butterfly landed on Nonni too. I loved being at Nonni & Nonno’s house in Palm Springs. 

Our camel ride at the Living Desert

Butterfly on Nonni's wrist 

The one photo Mommy got with the butterfly close to me. 

We loved playing in the pool at Nonni & Nonno's!

On Friday, 4/22/16 we got to Sanya and Phil’s house. It was so cool, I had so much fun. When we got there, Ava was home, then Peyton got home. They have two cute dogs named Bristol and Molly. They have two cats named Fred and Wilma. Peyton has two guinea pigs, named Zeus and Snickers. After we got to see all the pets Ava took us on a bike and scooter ride to the park. When we got home we played Wipeout and it was funny. Then we went in the pool. Then Sanya and Phil made us cheeseburgers and the adults had steak. The next morning we had to wake up at 5am to go on the Pat Tillman run, it was 4.2 miles, I stayed with Mommy, Ava and Siena, then I lost them and then I got to run with Sanya, Phil and Peyton. I finished the run with Phil and we beat the zebra!

Early morning, but lots of fun running with our friends!

After the race we went out for breakfast, at a place called Snooze, it was so good. Ava and I played ping pong – Ava was way better than me. After breakfast we went back to their house and had some chill out time. After that we went in the pool for a long time and then we had dinner. On our last day, :(we went to World of Beer and I had crab cakes then we went back to their house. When we got home we got to swim for awhile and we did a swimming race. After that we all played Minecraft, then we had a light dinner, which was very good. Then we went to bed…In the morning, I got ready with Ava and we went downstairs, we had Lucky Charms for breakfast. It was busy morning for their family, everyone was getting ready for school and work. We had to say goodbye. I think Sanya & Phil’s house was one of my favorite spots.  Thank you for letting us stay at your house!              

We get to come home in 4 week's yay!!!!: )

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