Friday, May 13, 2016

Siena's Review of the California Science Center

Yesterday we went to the California Science Center. The first thing we did was an experiment with air presser and I learned why your ears pop, it is because when you go down or up the air pressure outside your head changes and the air pressure inside your head stays the same, so popping your ears makes the air pressures the same, then your ears don't hurt. 

I also learned how to shoot an air bazooka. It was really funny because when Nadia tried to shoot the cups she totally missed and shot the lady in the stomach, but when I did it I hit the cups on my first try.

Then we did some airplane experiments and Mommy put on some weird airplane wings on her arms and there was air blowing so maybe it felt like she was flying or something but I don't know because I didn't do it. 
Nadia with airplane wings in a wind tunnel
After that we went to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor and we saw a video of the Endeavor driving down the streets of L.A. that made driving the camper look easy as pie. 
The Endeavour

Then Nadia wanted to do a tightrope bike. It was really cool how the bike balanced so it was on a tightrope 3-stories above the ground. The bike had a stabilizer that was like a big metal torpedoe hanging below the bike. When you go backwards it is pretty scary, also I when the hands free but don't worry there was a net and I was strapped in so all good.

Then we went to see a cool movie about the National parks which I liked because a lot of the parks in the movie we had been to so that made it that much cooler. After we had done all the things we wanted to do we left but mostly because there were a bunch of school groups on a field trip so it was really crowded so we left but we did have a really fun time while we were there.

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  1. Pie is one way to describe your Dad driving the Camper...It's not easy maneuvering a 'wolf' like that, but knowing all of you are safe and sound, makes him the Baker & streets his butter ;-) #GorosOnTheGo