Monday, September 7, 2015

Eastbound and down

We decided to cut short our stay in Alaska. As beautiful as that particular tiny corner of Alaska is, we really needed to head somewhere with dryer weather. Everything in the camper was starting to take on a dankness, including my daughters.

We had chosen to visit Hyder Alaska to view its famous Grizzly Bears, see the Salmon Glacier (5th largest in North America), and possibly try a local concoction at the saloon and get "Hyderized". Unfortunately, the bears had gorged themselves completely on the still plentiful spawning salmon and were refusing to make their presence known. The glacier which was up a long mining road was completely hidden from view in thick clouds. The saloon and much of the town of Hyder was closed or closing for the season.
Kathy and I looking for a glacier
Even the RV park (Camp Run-A-Muck) was closing up for the season. Camp Run-A-Muck's owner (or manager?), Sully, was closing up the park the day we left, then would be following us East in his giant class-A RV to his home in Maine. Sully was kind enough to exchange tips in crossing the continent from Alaska and Maine. I was pleased to find my planned route nearly matched his suggested route.

Despite the fact we were unable to enjoy the advertised attractions, the quiet towns of Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK offered amazing scenery when the clouds and fog cleared enough: mountains climbing right out of the fjord up into snow covered peaks, waterfalls dropping hundreds of feet from glaciers hidden from view to the valley floor, and lots of green, not Western Washington green, but a green that reminded me much more of Hawaii. Even on the drive to Stewart, we saw numerous black bears and even a grizzly, all wandering along side the highway. I found myself driving cautiously along the roads the way I would in areas where I was concerned with hitting a deer.
Estuary in Stewart BC

Fish Creek, near Hyder BC

View from Hyder, AK

Bear Glacier, outside of Stewart BC

Now we are headed eastbound and down, to Virginia and ultimately Florida, but we are taking the long way, and stopping as often as we can along the way to see what there is to be seen. Tonight we only go as far as Houston... the other Houston (Houston, British Columbia).

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