Monday, September 7, 2015

Here's What Were Doing...

9.6.15 -- written by Nadia: 

We just got into Hyder, Alaska and it is rainy! I can just imagine the hot weather. But it has been fun with my family. We have seen a few bears when we were driving to Stewart, BC and we saw a family of bears just walking across the street. And in Telegraph Cove, BC  there was a cub.

Here is a little video update from the trip as well. (Video should be uploaded now - internet service is few and far between and uploading videos is not an easy task on a slow connection). 

We had to cut our video a little short due to some giggling. But what I wanted to say is a Kinder Egg is a hollow chocolate candy egg with milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate in the middle and a toy inside. And it is only found in Canada. 

I am looking forward to the next part of our trip, in about 2 weeks we will be heading to Bozeman, MT to visit my uncle Dan. We’ll blog and make some more videos soon… 

Our family heading out for a walk in Stewart, BC

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  1. We love kinder eggs, at easter in Ireland we get giant ones. Ross