Monday, September 7, 2015

week 1 + 2 days recap (Siena)

(this is Siena's post)

Friday day 1 - On Friday we left home and drove into Canada and spent the night in Whistler, BC. 

Saturday day 2 - Saturday was the first full day and we walked down to Whistler Village and it was very, very, very wet but Nadia and I still had a lot of fun. We did a maze and when we started the maze we were trying to stay dry but around the end we didn't really care and we came out soaking wet. Then we went bungee jumping on a trampoline and Nadia was really good at it and at the start when I went in I was scared  but for my last jump I did a double backflip.

Sunday day 3 - On Sunday we drove from Whistler down to a ferry to take us to the winery we were staying at for that night and we got really good bread and there were lots of little birdies
and there was a dog too.

Monday day 4 - On Monday we drove down to Port Hardy and we went to the beach and we were playing in the rain at high tide and I found a stump in the waves and I jumped on to the stump right as a wave came and my feet got soaked.

Tuesday day 5 - We were at Telegraph Cove and we were having lunch when Daddy went to get the umbrellas and he came back with the umbrellas and a picture of a bear so like a completely normal person I took my umbrella and ran to try to find a large group of people with cameras when I found all the people the bear was in a tree so I stayed for a while then I went back to the restaurant to finish my hot chocolate and when I went  back to find the bear I found the bear coming down the tree so we followed the bear for a while then we went to the whale museum and Daddy and I went to find the bathroom (or washrooms as the call them in Canada ) anyways when we went to the bath/washrooms they were in a whale watching store so we signed up to go whale watching.

Wednesday day 6 - On Wednesday we went whale watching and we saw a bunch of orcas and humpback whales we also saw more bald eagles then I could could count (probably 30 something ) and we also saw a rock covered in sea lions and thousands of birds.

Thursday day 7 - Thursday was probably the longest day of our trip 15 hours on a ferry we played for most of the day and we watched some movies and we had all three of our meals on the boat.

Friday day 8 - Friday we woke up took a shower and when we came out there were two deers in our camp site and we met new friends and played most of the day. 

Saturday day 9 - Saturday all we really did was drive but we did see some bears and we had a campfire and I carved a salmon out of wood. 

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  1. Cool, how did you carve the Salmon. We went to the chocolate factory, pinball museum and game works this week. Ross