Saturday, September 12, 2015

Starting week 3

As we are entering our third week away it still just feels like a long vacation. We are beginning to all get into the groove of life on the road. The girls are offering to help out more with the daily chores (making the beds, making dinner, daily math and reading homework) but I think everyone in the family is still haunted with the occasional nightmare or at least weird dream associated with the anxiety of our sudden and dramatic change in lifestyle.

enjoying a hike down from Whistler Peak in Jasper

Life is made easier by a change in the weather, at least for a few days. After almost 2 weeks of mostly rain, Jasper Alberta has presented us warm dry days. Today and yesterday have neared 25 degrees (that’s 80 or you folks south of the border). And although Jasper is an expensive tourist town, I believe it is still cheaper than life in Seattle even when we do go out and enjoy the town. As I type this in the lobby of the Jasper Fairmont Lodge sipping a wonderful local IPA, I am fully aware that this horribly overpriced resort is still reasonable for a boy from the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Between Jasper and it’s Southern neighbor Banff we have another 10 days of luxury Rocky Mountain bliss then it is off into Montana and beyond that the unknown.

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  1. You all look very happy!!! think this suits your style! Bet it's nice to have a change of lodging once in a while!!! Love you guys!